Who we are

Polaris is a company of neogenesis in the medical and biotechnology industries, offering innovative solutions to keep up with scientific progress and the evolution of surgical techniques and operating, investing in high-quality products, addressing the surgical and healthcare professionals .

Born from decades in the field of medical technology with the intent to meet the growing needs of specialists in medicine and surgery with cutting edge products, not to mention the quality of life of patients, and to ensure an adequate value for money.

Polaris offers professionalism and dynamism in the distribution of medical devices, biotechnology and electro-medical sciences, with particular attention to surgery.

The highly qualified team consists of various professionals with specific scope, competent, dynamic and capable of devising efficient solutions to meet the diverse needs in the health sector.The strength of the team is the comparison and professional growth, which act as unquenchable urge to grow. The continuous training of the scientific team and curiosity towards new medical applications, act as a lever to keep in step with the next-generation applications and propose innovative solutions.


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